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Introduction - 30 Day Journey

When we first created the ClarityPark app it was something that we as individuals not only desperately desired, but needed.  We were devs, entrepreneurs and business owners and needed an app that would help us to be organized in every facet of our life, and hence become more productive by tracking our progress.

We felt that the world had evolved.  The introduction of new tech along with a changing environment meant that the fight for individuals to be productive would be one of the biggest challenges of our time.

But we also understood that it would be impossible to encourage individuals to be more productive by simply introducing a new tool.  Much of the technology which they had in their possession was sold with the promise of making them more productive, but instead made their lives more complicated.

The 30 Day Journey is meant to be guide to help you in your quest for a more organized and productive lifestyle.  The lessons are designed to help you contemplate various actions of your journey in a progressive manner.

While you may be familiar with some concepts, the reintroduction of these concepts in coordination with using the app is a paramount experience which we highly encourage in order to get the full value.

D.W. Small

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