Welcome to week 3.  While you have been using the app and are now an expert (lol...) at managing your tasks, it should be understood by week 3 that being productive and maintaining an organized lifestyle is more than a one time act.  If you truly want to be productive, you are going to have to orient your goals, values and time in line with a lifestyle that supports your desire to be productive.

But being productive is more than a mental challenge of knowing what to do and when.  Being and staying productive also requires having energy to maximize the most of your effective hours during the day.  Because of this, we need to consider the concept of “Digital Wellness” as it pertains to productivity.

Digital wellness refers to preventative measures aimed at regulating and improving the healthy use of technology.

1.1 Maintaining Proper Health

Because the human body is designed with a fragile nature, the ability to make lifestyle choices inline with health and proper diet are synonymous with the core values of contending for greater productivity.  Any activity that begins to diminish your health will ultimately prove to be unproductive.

1.2 A Healthy Lifestyle is a Choice

A Healthy lifestyle is a consistent choice.  Becoming more conscious of how our body stores energy and later uses that energy is critical in allowing us to develop a lifestyle of productivity.
While going to the gym or working out may seem to be a deterrent to productivity, that action will in turn help you body to be more alert and healthy when giving yourself to tasks during the day.

When we become unhealthy due to situations outside of our control, we are at the mercy of nature.  But if we through our own choice make decisions leading to an unhealthy lifestyle, we consciously hinder our ability to be productive.

Because each body is unique. It is imperative for you to attempt to understand your body and how it reacts to various scenarios of stress and endurance.  Different people at various stages of their life have different challenges and it is essential to understand what phase / challenge we need to focus on to help us be more productive.


1.3 Understanding How Health Affects Productivity

One example of understanding how health affects productivity, can be seen in the dilemma of sitting for prolonged periods of time.  People who work desk jobs are at risk of of many health alignments.   But taking time to stretch every 2 hours when sitting for prolonged periods of time can be an essential exercise that can allow us to work more effectively.

Sports is so much more than an event designed to occupy youth.  Spending time training and understanding the body are essential factors to help you live a more productive life.